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FirSt and last Mile Inter-modal mobiLity in congested urban arEas of Adrion region

Programme: Interreg Adrion

Duration of the project: 1. 1. 2018 – 31. 10. 2019

Lead partner of the project: Regional development center Koper

Partners of the project:

  • School center Velenje
  • Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa
  • IUAV University of Venice
  • Zadar County Development Agency – ZADRA NOVA
  • City of Dubrovnik Development Agency DURA
  • Municipality of Hersonissos
  • Regional Agency for Socio-Economic Development Banat – Ltd
  • Municipality of Tirana
  • Agency for economic development of City of Prijedor – PREDA-PD
  • Municipality of Gradiška

Associated partner: Ministry of infrastructure and Transport (Italy)


SMILE is focused on first and last mile of mobility in some variegated and paradigmatic urban areas of Adrion Region, embracing coastal, inland and bordering cities of different size (capital, middle, little). Urban areas are place where every day residents, commuters and tourists face consequences of unsustainable mobility models and lack of effective multimodal solutions: air pollution, aggravated in many urban areas involved in SMILE by circulation of obsolete diesel vehicles, congestion and related waste of time, CO2 emission, noise, accidents, too public spaces occupied by cars.

SMILE will address these issues through a logical sequence of actions and related outputs. It will depict and compare various mobility scenarios to enable policy makers and key stakeholders to better understand the consequences of the actions and inactions of their plans.  A transnational SUMP-Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will be elaborated as common cognitive umbrella under which to elaborate local SUMPs mirroring local specific situations. Different IT-Information Technology solutions will be tasted. The expected change of SMILE is multilevel: firstly, to strengthen knowledge and operational capacity about mobility of local/regional authorities; secondly, to test quick-win solutions based on IT, and hence not requiring large infrastructural investments, to promote intermodal transport. The transnational approach is needed because it allows a comparison, exchange and share of experiences. SMILE will strongly contribute to achievement of EUSAIR strategy (Pillars 2 &3: “Connecting the Region”; Sustainable Tourism”).


The main overall objectives are:

  • supporting transport policies aimed to reduce GHG transport emissions;
  • improve the living environment in high traffic density areas (commuting and tourism areas);
  • optimize the effect of human activities on sea, land, air and human health;
  • favour a more sustainable transport modal shift, by reducing fossil-powered car usage and increasing public transport, cycling, walking, electrical and hybrid vehicles ;
  • reduce the impacts of ineffective freight delivery and chaotic tourism buses flows;
  • lessen the high pressure on coastal and cross-border roads unable to absorb increasing traffic as well as on main inland urban roads connecting and crossing wider functional urban areas. By combining a better knowledge background (mobility scenarios), political commitments and planning (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan scheme) with soft tools (digital platforms/APPs) and promotion of electrical/hybrid mobility), the project intends to contribute to solve the above mentioned problems that worsen quality of life both of residents, commuters and tourists.


The project is divided in 5 work packages:

M – management

T1 – design of mobility scenarios and elaboration of a transnational action plan

T2 – elaboration of a transnational SUMP scheme for urban and interurban areas of the ADRION region

T3 – testing of IT, e-mobility solutions and mainstreaming activities

C – Communication

RDC Koper is the lead partner of the project and is in charge of coordination between project partners and for the entire process of the SMILE project. Within the work package C – communication, RDC Koper is responsible for the entire promotion and implementation of the work package.



Tina Jančar Matekovič

Slavko Mezek

Vanja Rener



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