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Prime objectives of the region until 2013 are the enhancement of economic strength and organization of the basic environmental infrastructure. In order to achieve these two objectives we propose 13 measures. The programme is similarly as the previous one, divided into 4 programmes: economy; human resources; rural area, agriculture, fishery and forestry; and environment and the environmental infrastructure.

Long-term objectives of the region are:

The region will reduce its setback after the neighbouring Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia by increasing added value per inhabitant to 20,000 EUR, until 2013.

By the end of the year 2013, the region will complete the establishment of the basic environmental infrastructure for waste management, treatment of waste waters, drinking water supply, and sustainable mobility.

Especially in the regional development programme we expose primary tasks of region’s environmental adequacy and knowledge and technological development, which are going to be the foundation of development.

Knowledge and technological development for development of the economy
As elsewhere in Slovenia, there are too many people with higher education in the region, who can not get employment due to the structure of the economy. We have done too little, in the recent years, for the support of restructuring the economy into those branches, which require higher technology, higher added value, and employment of highly educated personnel. With the establishment of University of Primorska we obtained an institution, which can quickly respond to future challenges of global competitiveness by adjusting educational programmes to the needs of the economy.

Region / municipalities

Current projects