Regional development

Regional development policy promotes sustainable development in the broadest sense, realises development potentials and overcomes development obstacles in all Slovenian development regions, which are the basic functional territorial units for regional policy planning and the implementation of regional development tasks. There are 12 development regions in Slovenia, which are also statistical regions with the same name. In October 2018, the mayors of our region launched an initiative to rename the Obalno-Kraška Development Region as the Istra-Brkini-Kras Development Region.

Development decisions at the level of the development region are taken by the Regional Development Council and the Regional Council. General development tasks in the region are carried out by the regional development agency, which prepares, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the regional development programme and carries out certain other development tasks of the country at regional level in the public interest.

The regional development programme is implemented by means of a regional development agreement concluded between the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Regional Development Council.


Regional Development Programme for the programming period 2021-2027

The Regional Development Programme is the basic strategic and programming document at regional level, which aligns the development objectives in the region and defines the instruments and assesses the resources to achieve them. The procedure for its preparation is laid down in the Regulation on Regional Development Programmes (Official Journal of the RS, No 69/2012, 78/2015) (the Regulation). In accordance with the Regulation and the Law on Coherent Regional Development (ZSRR-2) (Official Journal of the RS, No 20/11, 57/12 and 46/16), a decision on the preparation of the regional development programme and a programme for its preparation must first be adopted. The Regional Development Council adopted both documents at its 10th meeting on 30 November 2018.

A draft of the strategic part of the document was sent to the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology at the end of 2020, and a draft of the full document in October 2021. Following the receipt of comments from the ministries, the Regional Development Programme was completed. The latest version, sent to the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology on 4 May 2022, is published below. A new chapter, chapter 14, presents the major regional projects.


RRP_Coastal Karst_2021-2027

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