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Joined in unity for the development of new employment opportunities with the help of social entrepreneurship


The operation is performed under the Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013, which is partly financed by the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund and national funds


Lead partner: Regional Development Centre Koper


Other partners:

Središče Rotunda, Koper (SI)

RDA Green Karst, Ltd. (SI)

Development centre Novo mesto ltd. (SI)

Regional development agency Posavje (SI)

Istarska development agency ltd. (CRO)

Development agency of Karlovac – KARLA ltd.  (CRO)

Rjeka Development Agency Porin ltd.  (CRO)


The main objective of the project SLOHRA SOCIONET is to implement a cross-border joint system, which will strengthen social entrepreneurship, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Slovenian-Croatian’s and on other EU markets, which will be achieved with the implementation of the following sub-goals:

– implementation of analysis of target groups in terms of development of goods and services offers that take into account the natural, cultural and human resources the region have,

– training of potential founders of social enterprises and promoters of social entrepreneurship,

– creation of seven new models of social enterprises and the realization of at least one social enterprise,

– establishment of a supportive environment for social entrepreneurship in the area of cooperation and collaboration among institutions signing a letter for supportive environment in order to promote social entrepreneurship,

– promote social entrepreneurship, as well as the results of the project and animate environment for the creation of social enterprises as a long term solution for the low employability of social groups and thus reduce unemployment.

The primary outputs will be: 1 common methodology for analysis, in terms of involvement of target groups and identification of activities eligible for inclusion in the social entrepreneurship in the region,7 analysis on potentials for social entrepreneurship development by regions and 1 common analysis with summaries of seven regional analyses, 7 regional conferences on social entrepreneurship along with press conferences, three day training for promoters of social entrepreneurship, involving 4 sets of topics and a demonstration of a good practice, 1 methodology for drawing up a business plan for a social enterprise, 10 different document templates for establishing a social enterprise, 7 selections for “The best social enterprise idea”, 7 developed models of various forms of social enterprise and 7 demonstration videos by winners of the selection, 1 project website, 16 intersections for social entrepreneurship and signed agreements on cooperation between these intersections, the creation of at least one social enterprise in practice, 2 national closing conferences with presentation of results and along with press conferences, means of promotion (1 promotional flyer, 1 educative – informative brochure)


Contact person:

Tadej Žilić, Regional Development Centre Koper, Ulica 15. maja 19, 6000 Koper, e-mail:, tel.: 05 66 37 585

Vlasta Starc, Regional Development Centre Koper, Ulica 15. maja 19, 6000 Koper, e-mail:, tel.: 05 66 37 582


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