The Slovene Municipality of Koper set up a traffic information centre

Slovene Istria and Karst are a popular tourist destination with rich natural and cultural heritage attracting tourists from all over the world. The region lacks adequate transport infrastructure which would stimulate the development of sustainable transport means. Therefore the majority of tourists arrives at the destination by own vehicle causing traffic congestions. For this reason the major municipality in the region, the coastal Municipality of Koper, has foreseen in its strategic documents to set up a pilot traffic information centre. The activity was implemented within the SUMPORT project, another modular project of MED Urban Transport Community. The new traffic information system has enhanced capabilities for monitoring, management and traffic analysis. It provides information about traffic density, available public transport, cycling network and environmental features. In Mobilitas project, an IT solution was elaborated in order to transfer the traffic data gathered at national level to the database of the municipality’s traffic information centre and include it into the APP for users. The second pilot action referred to setting up a database of environmental data and their elaboration. The environmental indicators are being measured using an innovative approach with a mobile device on various locations in the city and its surroundings. An analysis of air pollution caused by traffic was made which revealed that traffic isn’t the major air pollutant, but the industrial plants in the cross-border area.


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