Project “Improvement of computer literacy of the unemployed”, National Programme Phare 2003 – economical and social cohesion; Donation Scheme: Improvement of computer literacy of the unemployed Finance line SI 0309.02; Developer: Ljudska univerza Koper.

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By realising that in today’s time knowledge is essential for job-seekers, six organizations from coast-karst and notranjsko-kraška region have joined together in “Phare 2003 – Improvement of computer literacy of the unemployed” project.

The developer and partners are organizations, which are certain of the importance of their role in educating adults, therefore they have established a firm, competent, and equipped network, which will provide for a quality project implementation and a sustainable continuing of activities even after their expiry. The main goal of the project is to increase knowledge, efficiency and competency of unemployed persons for the use of information technology and by that also an improvement of flexibility to the labour market and increase of own employability.

Project is worth 203.816,00 EUR. 136.108,32 € is contributed by the European Union from the PHARE funds, 47.326,08 € comes from the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and 20.381,60 € for project implementation will be contributed by the implementing organizations themselves.

Project is partially funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the framework of the Programme initiative of the Community INTERREG IIIA Slovenia-Italy.

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