Reaching new territories in the use of integrated management support tools for energy efficiency in Mediterranean public buildings


Duration of the project: 1.3.2021 – 30.6.2022


Lead partner: Valencia Institute of Building (Spain),


  • ART-ER S. Cons. P.A. (Bologna, Italy), dealing with promotion of sustainable development
  • Region of Western Greece
  • Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation
  • Elche City Council (Spain)
  • Regional Development Centre Koper

Nine associated partners from Spain, Italy, Greece and Slovenia also take part in the project without their financial participation. The Municipality of Koper is the Slovene associated partner.


Project objective:

The IMPULSE PLUS project aims to transfer to new regions and cities the main outputs developed during the previous MED project IMPULSE. This includes the provision of support tools for the development of gradual renovation plans and financial planning for cost-optimal solutions for public building stocks. The transferring process will allow, on the one hand, to scale the scope of application in some of the countries previously involved in IMPULSE project (Spain, Greece and Italy) from smaller municipalities to bigger cities (such as Valencia in Spain), but also, from the local to the regional scale (Emilia Romagna Region in Italy and Western Greece). On the other hand, results will be transferred to a country that was not involved previously in IMPULSE (Slovenia).

Slovene pilot area is the Municipality of Koper where 48 public buildings have been scanned and recorded for the library of municipal buildings’ typologies. The scanned buildings haven’t been refurbished yet. After their grouping into typologies five so called “representative” buildings have been chosen. For the selected buildings various renovation scenarios will be tested and financial simulations will be prepared. Scenarios will represent a basis for annual plans of building stock renovation. Consequently the Municipality will earmark budget for this purpose each year. Energy plans and investment documentation for five chosen public buildings (kindergarten in Bertoki, gym of the Elementary school of Prade, the Italian consulate, two buildings on the Brolo Square and the Sports Hall Bonifika) are also going to be prepared. The investments will be financed from other sources as infrastructural works are not eligible in the IMPULSE PLUS project.


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Link to the project video: IMPULSE PLUS aims at helping… – Impulse PLUS Interreg-MED | Facebook


Contact person:

Larisa Kunst

Phone: +386 5 663 75 80


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