Mediterranean organization structure and strengthening of innovation capacities for sustainable development


The project aims to create transnational network structure between regional development actors with the specific goal: to improve implementation of regional policies in the innovation field and increase the capacity for sustainable development by encouraging innovation of “clean” technologies.

The concrete outcome is to establish pilot structure in each region for counseling and providing information to target groups (SMEs, young researchers, innovators,…). Activities set up in the project proposal will be implemented through the transnational network structure to provide considerable impact on strengthening innovation capacities at transnational level and so contribute to the “green” economic growth and employment in the Med area.

General objective: improve the implementation of regional policies in the field of innovation and strengthen innovation capacity for sustainable development in the Med area. In terms of general objective the project will have impact to economic growth, employment and sustainable development.

Specific objectives: improve cooperation, coordination and promotion of stakeholders for more efficient implementation of national and regional measures in the field of strengthening innovation capacities and transfer of innovations to economy sector.
The project partners will reach defined specific objectives by following main activities which are necessary to produce following results:
– existing analysis for each partner;
– synthetic diagnosis for each partner;
– good practice guide for each partner;
– benchmarking analysis;
– final regional strategic and operational plan for each partner;
– established pilot structure in each region,
– project’s literature (brochure, leaflet, info packs), public consultations, presentations, and transnational conferences.

Stakeholders are: universities, public research organizations, government institutions, local authorities, chamber of commerce, and other support organizations. The stakeholders will be actively involved in all main activities in order to establish efficient pilot structurefor strenghtening of innovation capacity in each region.

Defined target groups are: innovators, potential innovators, (potential) SMEs employees of RDAs, young researchers, students.

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