Project ECO-NautiNET

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Network’s support for SMEs in the Nautical sector of the Adriatic-Ionian Region

Program: Interreg Adrion

Duration of the project: 1st of February 2018 – 31st of January

Lead partner of the project:

  • Chamber of Achaia


  • Regional development center Koper
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Priority Actions Program Regional Activity Centre
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy
  • Institute for Physical Planning Region of Istria
  • C.N.A. National Confederation of Handcrafts and of Smes –
  • Association of Province Of Ravenna
  • City of Dubrovnik Development Agency
  • EC Business and Innovation Centre of Attika
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana

ECO-NautiNET aims to ensure an effective and stable collaboration between SMEs and/or research institutes thanks to a common Joint Management System platform in order to improve competitiveness and innovation in the Nautical sector.

The project main result will be the realization of a collaboration that involve primarily key innovation actors as Chambers of Commerce, SMEs’ Association and Development Agencies for the development of a transnational and Adriatic-Ionian common ECO-NautiNET’s platform, aimed to support creation and growth of networks in the ADRION area. A stable collaboration under the ECO-NautiNET platform will facilitate key innovation actors’ work, facilitating their work of supporting internationalization among local SMEs and ensuring common methodologies and possibilities to entrepreneurs and research institutes. The collaboration will be constantly ensured by their regional networks’ broker that collaborate with the others colleagues from the other ADRION regions to find the more suitable solution for the creation of networks. Each partner will have his own broker to guarantee sustainability also after the end of the project.


The project is divided on 4 main work packages:

M- Management

The work package includes the preparation of all acts and statutory documents, ongoing management of project activities, financial management, reporting and archiving and self-assessment of project results.

T1 – identification of agents of Chang

Agents of change will be trained to adopt and fulfil requirements requested in a successful and durable transnational cooperation between different actors such as SMEs and Research Institutes.

T2 – Joint Management System of the ECO-NautiNET web platform

Realization of a Joint Management System of the web based platform, active in the ADRION area, to support SMEs and research institutes to cooperate in innovative transnational networks.

T3 – ECO-NautiNET Network        

Cooperation network among enterprises, business support organizations and research institutes. Web based, managed by network’s brokers and coordinated through a joint management system.


In the first step, the communication and dissemination plan will be elaborated. Aimed to spread findings and possibilities and targeted to SMEs, Business Support Organizations and Research Institutes the Activity will realize and disseminate materials, events and publications at regional level in order to persuade to join the EcoNautiNet’s network. As the final objective of the communication plan will be to ensure the transferability and sustainability of the EcoNautiNet after the project end, it is necessary to show and persuade other Business support organization from non-participating countries and regions to join and adopt the platform and methodology proposed.



Contact information:

Mitja Petek:


Vanja Rener





The ECO-NautiNET project pursues the objective of improving the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs in the nautical sector through an innovative NETWORK Model based on a multilevel approach, which includes:

  • involvement, motivation and training of SMEs to improve their networking approach
  • the selection and training of key figures to support the creation, maintenance and growth of networks (facilitators, tutors and brokers)
  • the creation of a web platform with particular attention to ECO-solutions in the nautical sector. The platform will give SMEs the opportunity to create or join the Ionian Adriatic eco-networks and to support product innovation through the involvement of research institutes and universities. The ECO-NautiNET network, jointly managed by the local Business Support Organization, will work together with the Research Institutes to assist the represented SMEs and develop important tools to promote innovation and internationalization of SMEs
  • a joint management system between business support organizations, SMEs and research institutes
  • the creation of tools (for example, e-learning programs in the platform) to guarantee and facilitate the growth and transferability of results
  • the use of a specific tool to support innovation and the transfer of new technologies “ready for the market” by researchers to SMEs

The project will capitalize the existing experimental experiences in the nautical network, also providing innovative aspects for the transferability and duration of the network, providing the BSO (business support organization), SMEs and research institutes, the tools to support the creation and duration of the networks, with particular attention to the nautical sector.





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