FirSt and last Mile Inter-modal mobiLity in congested urban arEas of Adrion Region PLUS (SMILE PLUS)


Program:              Interreg Adrion

Total Budget:       161.381,40 EUR

Duration of the project:          1. 1. 2022 – 30. 6. 2022

Lead partner of the project:

Regional development center Koper, Slovenija

Partners of the project:

IUAV University of Venice, Italy

Dubrovnik Development Agency DURA, Croatia

Regional Agency of socio-economic Development Banat Ltd, Serbia


Short description of the project:


To become by 2050 world’s first carbon-neutral continent, EU has pledged to reduce by 90% the GHG in transport by 2050, as confirmed in December 2020 by European Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

To reduce by 55% the emissions by 2030, the Strategy calls also for the transition from a mobility system based on fossil energy consumption and private motorization to zero emission vehicles must be coherently pursued and accelerated, in a context in
which walking, cycling, and use of public means of transport (trains, buses, trams etc.) should be encouraged and favored.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people’s modal choice in a opposite direction. Suddenly, the need for social distancing, one of the key measures to prevent viral infection from COVID-19, has given a new centrality to individual transport based on car.

In such a context, SMILE PLUS intends to update and spread the main tool resulting from project SMILE, namely the mobility scenarios as support to new transport policies in congested urban areas.

The activities will be concentrated in four countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Italy) and will consist of:

  • update the mobility scenarios, elaborated within SMILE, to ensure their resilience to the modal share determined by COVID-19 and the consequent revamp of fossil-powered private motorization,
  • preparation of video-tutorial to facilitate a diffuse use of mobility scenarios as tool to monitor and periodically update transport planning processes and
  • organization of meetings/events to promote use of post-Covid 19 mobility scenarios for transport planning and to promote sustainable mobility and increase cohesion.


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Tina Jančar Matekovič, project manager

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Hrpelje - Kozina

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