Mobilitas Mediteran

MOBILITAS – MOBIlity for nearLy-zero CO2 in medITerranean tourism destinAtionS


The Mobilitas project tends to reduce negative impact on environment and traffic of tourism flows in seaside resorts. Project partners will therefore prepare different sustainable tourism mobility scenarios to be proposed and approved by local authorities. Scenarios could be integrated in local Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP). Also they should help local policy makers at sustainable mobility planning and tourism development in the local areas. Local scenarios or strategies are going to be published in Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Mobility issued at project conclusion. A Regional Sustainable Mobility Strategy will be prepared for the Coastal-Karst region encompassing local SUMPs which are going to be prepared in 2017.

Development of advanced ICT tools for traffic is also foreseen. A software for data collection about tourist transport modes for reaching tourist destinations will be developed and will be available for local authorities. An APP for tourists will be prepared offering information about available transport means at destination, traffic density and own carbon footprint calculation. A digital platform to regulate flows of tourism buses will also be created. A specific application made for the Coastal-Karst region will be adapted to needs specified in SUMPs (e.g. displays for buses arrivals and departures, displays of available parking lots in the city centres).

RDC Koper is project lead partner. Other nine partners from six countries are: the City of Dubrovnik (Croatia), the Municipalities of Misano Adriatico (Italy) and Piraeus (Greece), Platres Community Council (Cyprus), IUAV the University for Architecture of Venice (Italy), Regional development agency ZADRA NOVA of Zadar (Croatia), Rimini Strategic Plan Agency (Italy), Energies 2050 (France) and Paragone Europe (Malta).

The Mobilitas project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.



Project promotional video made during the European Mobility Week 2018.



Final promotional video illustrates some main project results.



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